Fun Facts about Hamilton

The first Tim Horton’s Ever Opened in Hamilton   source canadianvisa.org


The Biggest Botanical Garden in Canada   source canadianvisa.org


Hamilton is the Waterfall Capital of the world   source canadianvisa.org


In 1878, the first telephone exchange happened in Downtown Hamilton between Canada and the British Empire which led to the first public telephone being installed in the city in 1880   source canadianvisa.org


In 1930, Hamilton was first city in the world to host the Commonwealth Games - one of 8 countries that faced off in sporting activities like rowing, athletics, diving, wrestling and more.   source canadianvisa.org


Canadians love their ice hockey. So it may not come as a surprise that the first person to wear a hockey mask during a game in 1927 was a Canadian. But it may surprise you to discover the first safety conscious Canadian was a woman called Elizabeth Graham.!   source canadianvisa.org


Birthplace of Eugene Levy, Kathleen Robertson and Martin Short  imdb.com


Since 1981, Hamilton has been listed as the ninth largest city in Canada and the third largest in Ontario   wikipedia.org