4qs6qems8mh7bpd1kxzfz4plpwluymhqiov-znodrfr310ji8-b-nckatkvpmrohtmpjfwakh1owy-uc-jghx1lqtche2bl1oesd8zpqs1ef0km2makf3pnmay-clhc0 aka HAMMERTOWN, a serial drama series, set in Hamilton, Ontario

Gentrification has turned up the spotlight, but this means something different to everyone. To some, it hardly matters at all.

Season 1 tests the parameters of comfort for each character when class, gender, faith, and purpose collide. A dying woman finds herself spending her last days in the company of an unlikely source, the past comes back to haunt a marginalized man-with-a-mission, and a woman who has always played it safe questions her inner circle. As the city ambitiously wades into the waters of urban renewal, greed flares as a perfect suburban couple rapidly erode and a poverty advocate pushes buttons both right…and wrong.


Produced by 

MacNab Street Films Inc.

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